Inspiration: Kelly White of The Storybook Rabbit

by Alison Gerber


I met Kelly a few years ago, though I doubt she’d remember, at a Blythe collector’s gathering (a Blythe is a type of Japanese plastic doll, for those who don’t know). She was the most fabulously dressed woman in the room. We connected because I was wearing a brooch that she and her sister had designed and made.


Ever since then I’ve sneakily followed her on Instagram (@thestorybookrabbit), loving her style.


Obviously this girl has quite the wardrobe. But what inspires me most is the fact that much of it comes from hunting down vintage finds, swapping clothes with friends, having her Mum knit jumpers, and buying from small hand-made artisans online. Even a bunch of her pairs of shoes are one-offs, made by hand.


Whenever I think “ho-hum, what am I going to do if I can’t buy anything at the mall?” I remember Kelly White. Just look at what she can do! She’s the ultimate reminder for me that creativity in fashion can come minus the sweat shop.

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(Image credits: 1. The Vintage Post, 2-5. Made By White Blog)