Factory Made Alternative #3: Loving The Clothing You Already Have

by Alison Gerber

clothes i love 1

Sometimes the best remedy to not knowing what to buy is to buy nothing. And I really do think the best way to feel content in buying nothing is to celebrate what you already have.

So today’s post is about that: loving the clothes you already own. I went through my wardrobe and picked out some of my personal favorites to show you. Those pieces I love, that I look forward to wearing, that are “me.”

First: nautical sweater. Ohhh it’s hard to describe the joy I felt when I stumbled upon this, during my visit to this weird hospital thrift store I found in Philadelphia, while exploring the city on my own. The sweater was less than $5. It has boats, waves and seashell buttons. I mean, whoever designed this really went all out on the theme.

clothes i love 2

Next, skunk brooch. It is from Etsy, and is so wonderfully made: a nice heavy wood piece with teeny sewing details. Whenever I wear it it reminds me of my treasured friend Aimee, who has one just like it that’s a fox. I always wanted one, then treated myself to it upon finishing my first semester of Hebrew. I could wear this with everything.

clothes i love 3

Third: this grey wool coat I found at the Give and Take. It’s so warm, it’s like a blanket, and I feel so proud that I repaired it to it’s current state. It had buttons falling off, the pockets were half ripped off. Now look at it! And I love love love the contrast color inside the sleeves. (Sorry about the photos, I think my camera is dying? Or the lens is dirty?)

clothes i love 4

Fourth: my black and white Doc Martin brogues. I bought these basically unworn for less than $5 on eBay. I wish I wore them more often but I am paranoid about them getting dirty. I kind of just love that they exist. Note to self: remember to wear these in the Fall.


clothes i love 5

Last, this bunny ring. Jono bought me this for Christmas and I love it so much. I almost never wear rings, but this one I wear. It’s big and pink and brass and fantastic.

So, there’s a few of my favorite things tucked away in my wardrobe. In fishing them out I realized a few things about myself and my own favorites:

  1. I love clothes that have a story behind their acquisition/creation. “Easy gets” at the mall or online don’t rate for me. Rescued treasures or special gifts are where it’s at.
  2. I don’t wear my favorite things enough. Maybe I think I’ve got to “save them up”. But that’s crazy, right?
  3. I wish there was more killer and less filler in my wardrobe. Wouldn’t it be nice to see only your favorite items rather than a whole lot of junk?

Now it’s your turn! Get into your closet and find a couple of wardrobe favorites. Share them with me! I love it when people show me their favorite bag or scarf or skirt that’s totally “them.” Either reply here or post your photos on my Facebook page. Let’s delight together in buying nothing, celebrating what we’re already blessed to call our own.

(Photo credits: Alison Gerber)