A Color-Lover’s Attempt To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

by Alison Gerber

fushcia lipstick

Jono’s away with the kids in Australia for the month. What to do? I lamented last night to a friend. “Do everything Jono hates you doing,” he says.

Here is one thing I love to do that drives Jono nuts: organize my wardrobe. Like, the kind of organizing that creates piles on the bed that lasts for days. Before he left he asked me why so many clothes were in IKEA bags. “I’m filing them,” I say. “Oh. Of course,” is his reply.

A long time ago I blogged about wanting to try a capsule wardrobe. Do you remember what they are? It’s a collection of clothes that is smaller than your usual wardrobe, with the idea that everything goes together and that from it you can make outfits with ease. The rules are different depending on who is telling them to you, but the most common capsule wardrobes you hear about are:

*Unfancy’s capsule wardrobe which consists of 37 items that you wear the whole season.  You can only shop at the beginning of the season, and sometimes just for something you realize you badly need in the middle of the season.


*Project 333’s capsule wardrobe which consists of 33 items that you wear for 3 months,no shopping until the end of the 3 months! (You can also read more about Project 333 on the Vivienne Files, a great fashion blog for capsule wardrobe reading)

Let’s be real, I’m probably going to have 37 items. I’m human, people.

But here’s the problem I have with a lot of capsule wardrobes. They end up looking like this:


(from Glitter and Glasses)

And this:

capsule cut

Which may work great for you, but for a color-lover like myself, these wardrobes are just way too boring! So here’s what we’re going to attempt, folks, while Jono is away: a capsule wardrobe that is packed full of color! Can I do it? Will I lose my bed under a pile of clothes? Eep! Follow along for updates!